Equipping Your Team

DriveTrain Learning anchors its curricula on three Key Competencies account managers need to most effectively engage with customers. These competencies will help your account managers plan for and execute high-impact customer dialogues, analyze and understand the business environment, and synthesize customer needs and outcomes with company solutions.


Providers, hospital systems, government entities, insurance companies and distributors create an intricate network of influencers and funders of healthcare in the United States. Knowing the players, how they interrelate and the influence they have on customers equips the account manager with savvy business skills to use in developing relevant and impactful solutions to customer needs.


Strategic account planning and impactful dialogue skills are the gears inside the Engage competency. Insightful questioning, critical listening, account mapping, opportunity tactics, stakeholder management and call planning form the cogs of this competency. Every gear and cog works in harmony to lead your team to your customer and business outcomes.


Customers have needs based upon their business goals and outcomes, while you have products that solve customer problems. Matching the two and creating value relies upon the account manager’s understanding of the business and their own company assets. In this fast lane of business, the account manager brokers their strengths to aide their customers in reaching their goals.


Our goal is to equip account managers with a strong foundation of knowledge as they navigate the complexities of the health care system and engage customers. We have provided a robust library of modules so you and your teams can be off and running in a short amount of time.