7 Moving Violations of Account Management

As I look back on my own 10 years of managing major accounts across 3 industries, and as I also look back upon the 10 years of training of account managers and the anecdotes shared and observations made, I see trends and patterns of behaviors most all account managers (including me!) struggle to change. Many of the behaviors are minor and rarely end in disaster with a customer. There are, however, a few behaviors that can have monumentally disastrous effects on the outcome of the customer interaction during which the behavior is exhibited. The deal might go south as a result of the erroneous behavior, or the relationship being fostered can be damaged, or the account manager may walk away with a very different perspective on the customer’s business than what reality says, in turn causing the account manager’s planning to be invalid. As I thought about how to best communicate these mistakes, I felt I needed to be true to the imagery of my company, DriveTrain Learning. Thus, I will refer to these behaviors as the 7 Moving Violations of Account Management.

We’ll explore these Moving Violations over the next several weeks by looking more closely at one “violation” each week. So you ask, “What exactly are these violations we account managers should avoid?” I can tell you’re interested in this topic – you really want to know what these bad behaviors are. You’re getting impatient…

”Just tell us already!” you’re saying…
Okay, okay. Here you go – the 7 Moving Violations of Account Management:

Following the ruts in the road

Emptying the trunk

The 30 second GPS check

Foregoing the scheduled maintenance

Staring at the hood ornament

Missing the exit – again and again

Ignoring the traffic signals

Be on the lookout for the first entry, which defines the “ruts in the road” mindset account managers often follow, and some strategic ways to forge a new path with a customer.

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