If you were born prior to 1990, you will immediately recall the product made famous by this commercial slogan: “You can pay me now, or pay me later.”


“I know I saw a napkin in here SOMEWHERE! I just need to jot down a couple of these questions I thought of since leaving Starbucks so I’ll have something to use in my customer meeting. I’m sure the conversation will go just fine even though I don’t have a detailed call plan prepared. Now where is that napkin?!?!?”

Like most men, I am a fixer. Not a handyman, mind you. I’ve lost my interest in doing major projects

around the house. I think the basement finish project in our last house did me in. No, in the case of

being a fixer, I enjoy – dare I say, I’m driven to – fix things.

As I look back on my own 10 years of managing major accounts across 3 industries, and as I also look back upon the 10 years of training of account managers and the anecdotes shared and observations made, I see trends and patterns of behaviors most all account managers (including me!) struggle to change.