It all started with a memory…of a porch swing on the wrap-around of the house where I grew up. My dad and I would swing on that porch when I was 5 and he would name the make, model and year of every car that stopped at our corner.  He did this by recognizing the taillights.  You see, he worked at a factory that made taillights for GM cars.  He learned to identify the cars by the size and shape of the parts he made.  And he shared that knowledge with me.  My love of the automobile began at that very early age, and it has not waned.  To this day I have a similar knack – I can name most makes and models just by seeing one aspect of a car.  My appreciation for cars has only broadened and I have begun passing that appreciation on to my daughters. 

As I began pondering a new business venture in the world of account management training, an analogy to a foundational component of an automobile came to mind…the drive train. 


The drive train is the pairing of an automobile engine with a transmission. It provides the power and mobility of the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to progress toward a destination. This complex mechanism enables the most basic purpose of a vehicle – the ability for it to move.  Once fueled, the vehicle is capable of forward movement when the driver engages the drive train.

At DriveTrain Learning we harness the power of customer centric thought (the engine) with the mobility of strategic business planning (the transmission) to equip your account teams with the platform for progress toward their destination – signature customer outcomes. Our learning interventions “fill the tanks” with high-octane skills and capabilities that matter to the most discerning business-to-business (B2B) clients.


Our experienced team of consultants, content writers and facilitators know the B2B arena as well as anyone. We possess industry-leading expertise in the following areas of training management:

  • Competency model development

  • Learning plan development

  • Content development / writing

  • Workshop creation

  • Facilitation

  • Course evaluations

  • Learning measurement

  • Field observation and coaching

  • Payer markets consulting

  • Leadership training and development

DriveTrain Learning anchors its curricula on 3 Key Competencies account managers need to engage customers:





If you would like to better understand what DriveTrain Learning does and would allow us a chance to understand more of your business and how we can help, fill out the form below or give us a call at 919.665.8658.  We’d be honored to spend 30 minutes with you gaining insights on where your team’s account management skills are today and where you’d like to take them next.